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Join Garden Expeditions on a wonderful ten day getaway to sparkling Sicily off the coast of Italy! Vineyards, orange groves and olive orchards climb the fertile foothills. Baroque palaces frame elegant squares and secret gardens hide behind ancient Doric ruins. We begin on the slopes of Mount Etna, Europe’s highest active volcano, as we visit an elegant garden which thrives on the fertile soil and then ascend the mountain itself, observing the change from green groves to stark, desert landscapes. In Taormina we visit a private garden which boasts spectacular views across the bay before exploring the Greco-Roman remains of the city itself. A treat for the senses awaits at Gli Aroma Sicily as we discover an extensive selection of herbs and spices. Then to Agrigento and the Valley of the Temples. The outstanding remains of this once powerful Greek city make it one of the most significant archaeological sites in the Mediterranean. We continue on to Palermo, a melting-pot of architectural styles with both Norman and Arabic influences. This custom designed tour of Sicily’s landscapes and gardens includes parks and botanical gardens, ancient history, wonderful mediterranean cuisine & unforgettable scenery!

MAY 23 -JUNE 1, 2019

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